Bedrooms are a place of comfort and calm, where the stresses of your day can be left behind and where you can relax, unwind and rest. Choosing the perfect mattress and furniture is a big factor in creating your personal space  (see our Beds and Bedroom Furniture pages). The carpet you choose in your bedroom also has a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room and it is worth spending time when making a decision about the types of carpet that will suit your budget, taste and vision!

We’ve compiled a list of 9 important factors when considering types of carpet for your bedroom:

  1. Colour – Neutral colours compliment any furniture choice or style. They are increasingly popular types of carpet for the modern home, providing a bright and uplifting effect to any room.
  2. Trends – Avoid choosing short lived trends that will later become outdated. Trends come and go, but neutral, high quality types of carpet never go out of style
  3. Texture – Soft, supple types of carpets are perfect choices for creating a truly comfortable and luxurious bedroom
  4. Pattern – Patterns can really bring a room to life, but can detract from the comfort of a bedroom, making a room look ‘busy’ and less relaxing.
  5. Material – Nylon is an ultra soft man made material, whereas wool is a more expensive but naturally comfortable choice. Hypoallergenic, low pile carpet options such are great for allergic or asthmatic individuals, as dust and other allergens can be removed far more easily.
  6. Warmth – cold rooms or older houses often benefit from thicker piles which provide insulation and extra warmth.
  7. Underlay – Go for a super thick underlay, to provide that extra comfort and soft-step feel in your bedroom!
  8. Function – Is the room for younger children or teenagers? If so, consider stain resistant or stain proof options (some options even come with lifetime guarantees!). You’ll thank us when that spilt makeup comes out of the carpet more easily!
  9. Personal Style – Your bedroom is a place you can let your personality roam free, bringing your personal style and taste to life. So get creative and create the bedroom of your dreams!

TK Furniture Tips:

  • Inexpensive rugs are great options to bring a room up to date with the latest trends. They are particularly useful for kid’s rooms (Frozen theme anyone?!) or for placing beneath mirrors where makeup or other products may spill. They can be changed more easily and less expensively.
  • Up your budget and consider more expensive types of carpet – you’ll be thankful in the long run
  • Think longer term when considering types of carpet for your bedroom – will you still like the carpet you’re thinking about in 3 years time?


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