Choosing carpets can be confusing – especially with the huge amount of options available. Some of the most common questions we are asked surround choosing carpets for stairs. To help you, we’ve compiled this handy list of 9 tips for choosing carpets for stairs…

Our 9 Tips for Choosing Carpets for Stairs –

  1. Pile – Shorter piles are better when choosing carpets for stairs – longer piles tend to separate along the step causing gaps in the carpet to appear. Longer pile carpets can wear down and appear flat with heavy traffic.
  2. Density – Choose higher density carpets for stairs; the initial higher cost is soon forgotten as these carpets are more resilient and so last longer.
  3. Weight – 40 oz. face weight or above are ideal for high foot fall areas such as hallways (the higher the weight, the more yarn used in manufacturing)
  4. Colour –  Somewhere in the middle is ideal; darker colours easily show light threads or hairs, whereas lighter colours stain more easily (not ideal when you accidentally spill your coffee on a Monday morning!)
  5. Material – Some materials are more hard-wearing in the long term than others. Wool is an ever popular option and when mixed with man made materials (80% wool, 20% man made for example), they are better lasting and more stain resistant.
  6. Weave – Loop carpets are a popular option, although heavier duty hoovers can damage the edges. Twist weaves can be better for pets who may claw at carpets.
  7. Pattern – Patterned carpets can hide a multitude of stains and marks. This can also bring life and personality to a staircase, especially when contrasted creatively with other carpets.
  8. Underlay – Higher density underlays used with carpets for stairs are beneficial, especially on the tips of the stairs where most traffic is received. They are greater for reducing noise and give a softer feel.
  9. Stain Proofing – Many carpets are available with stain proof guarantees. This can greatly reduce the effects of any unwanted spills! Polypropylene for example wears very well and does not fade – you can even bleach it!

More tips from TK Furniture:

  • Stair rods used with carpets for stairs gives a super-smart, sophisticated finish.
  • When browsing carpets, bend the sample slightly – this will show any variations which could later appear when fitting!
  • Spend that little bit extra – the long term effects of a short term splurge could really surprise you!

Why choose your carpets with TK Furniture

“We are a local company, dedicated to providing everything customers need for carpets under one roof. We do everything in the carpet selection and fitting process, from advising to moving furniture to lay carpets. Our fitter has admitted he always goes that bit further with our customers, because he is involved in each stage of the process. Over and above this, we are often far quicker than the competition!” Chris McVitie – Store manager at TK Furniture

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