There is so much more to buying carpets than just the price and the colour; mistakes and rushed decisions can have longer term implications! We’ve compiled a list of 7 things to consider when you buy carpets, we hope you find this helpful:

  1. Underlay – Some would say this is just as important as the carpet itself! Go for a higher quality underlay whenever possible when you buy carpets, this may cost more but could provide better comfort
  2. Your Lifestyle – While that super-plush carpet may feel amazing in store, it may be the worst option for your home due to pets, spills etc. Your lifestyle is an important factor to consider when you buy carpets. Ask the salesperson about the maintenance and cleaning needed to keep your carpets looking at their best
  3. Consider numerous options – Weigh up the pro’s and cons of each carpet type before making your final purchase decision. Consider cost vs durability, colour vs maintenance, fashion vs practicality etc. You could always ask to take a sample home with you to help with making your decision
  4. Speak to an experienced professional when you buy carpets – Nothing can substitute for advice from a carpet fitter; arrange a free consultation with Mark our carpet fitter today! Contact Us.
  5. Choose Quality – This doesn’t mean picking the most expensive carpet in store but stretching your budget a little bit further may allow you to choose a carpet that will last longer
  6. Materials – Consider a range of materials when you buy carpets. Each material has various benefits including durability, price and comfort
  7. Go in store when you buy carpets – You can buy carpets online or over the phone, but there is nothing quite like seeing what you are buying. Go in store, feel with your hand, inspect things closely. This is one you won’t regret!


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