Yeoman Upholstery

Yeoman upholstery are one of our main suppliers of our upholstery. Yeoman Upholstery was founded more than 40 years ago as an independent manufacturer of upholstery and to this day they remain independent. Much like us here at TK Furniture! In 2014 Yeoman sold its long established site in Flitwick and relocated to a more economical site in Kempston on the outskirts of Bedford.

Yeoman have specialized in the design and manufacture of show-wood upholstery since the early 1970’s. Over the years they were able to invest in a plant which enables them to turn, stain and finish all their timber onsite. This, along with their soft furnishing skills is why we at TK Furniture love the Yeoman products so much. All their products are of a very high quality and we have plenty on show for you to come and view!

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